Air Jordan 6 Retro Low Ultraviolet Ghost Green Shoe

About This Project

I’m Atticus missionary what’s good boy DJ delz back with a brand new episode here at the sneaker attic show taking a look at these new air jordan sixes that hit retailers today let’s get up close as you can see the upper you have this leather that has a little bit of a sparkle to it in a lighter gray than a darker nubuck the sparkle is kind of subtle it’s not too crazy you got your green and purple hits by the air unit there’s a look at the back with your spoiler and then your jump man right there in that bright green quick look at the medial side go true to size on this model I would definitely recommend that bird’s eye view on the toe going up got your lace lock right there flat laces your base cover with your purple jump man and then there’s a look at the outsole real quick and these do go up to a size nine and a half so fellas if you could wear a nine and a half and men’s you could wear these and there you go with a close-up HD look at these shoes.

they kind of remind me of Megatron a little bit like you know with transformers I don’t know if you see that that whole Decepticon to look but I get that vibe right there let me know if you see what I’m seeing if you’re looking to pick these up I will have info in the description box to make life easy for you and thanks for watching today’s episode I know a lot of you guys kept asking for it ,cheap jordans for sale,so I got you and with that said me out get it what school is good at your boy DJ delz welcome to the first episode of kicking it this is where we talk sneakers when people I think are pretty interesting that love the same thing as me and you these kicks right here I think I know I love is concepts whenever there’s a sneaker that comes out and has some kind of inspiration for example these skull dunks right here love these but then you have a shoe like this that reminds me of this and this shoe right here has to do with wimbleton but to me.

when I look at this co way is pretty close to something like this check it out check it out check it out check it out some may agree some may not that’s the beauty of sneakers we all got different looks different flavors different eyes,cheap jordans online, but a lot of times you’re looking a pair of sneakers they just remind you something completely different than what the brand was aiming for it to be or the collaborator was aiming for it to be all about let’s check in with my home a foamer simpson he got a story about a pair of kicks that remind him of something completely different than what the show is supposed to be all about fo me what’s good home .

what’s up Dells there is definitely a sneaker that reminds me of something totally different than what it was supposed to mean and that sneaker is bang bang the new balance 998 tassiedevil I love this shoe but to me as soon as I saw these I thought a razor ramon he had purple poppin before prints before can Razor Ramon was the purple God peep this they even got the little razor blades on the side ,cheap jordan 11,I used to have a pair of purple sweats that I used to put on right before I hit somebody with the razor’s edge I used to practice all the wrestling moves clotheslines off the top bunk all crazy me and my brothers turn the entire crib into a WWF set and after I whoop somebody’s ass I always ended it the same way salo do the bad guy kickin it

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