$4.99 FOR JORDAN 13 OG CHERRY FROM 1998 Goodwill Steals

About This Project

today I have an original pair of Jordan 13s from 1998 the official colorway is white true red black and pearl gray for the carbon fiber plate on the bottom I picked these up for a $4.99 at my local goodwill and I don’t have in store footage cause back when I thrifted these um I actually wasn’t into making thrift videos & Restoration video so I don’t have that footage but um there’s a few scuffs on upper holograms fogged up we got some separation going on but I mean these shoes are from 1998 this way is in pretty good condition and whatnot and that’s not like a whole bunch of wear on the rubber outsole now so let me show.

you how to size tag this other side stats were made by then and on these shoes have been released twice once in 1998 and then the retro in 2010 and uh I’m just going to tell you these aren’t the 2010 version ,cheap jordan shoes,you can just tell from nowhere so once again separation right here and whatnot but without wasting too much more of your time let me get right into the restoration video you you all right so we’ve run into a little problem I’m fitting these by hand and I can actually see that the upper is shrunk over time.

because if you see the outside of it so fit together perfectly with this it’s not lining up so I’m gonna need to stretch out the upper before I continue with the process so I’m gonna try to do that with a he car that’s what you do you get your knees on you heat up the offer you let it cool you heat it up political heat it up let it cool you do that a total,Wholesale Jordan 11, I did it probably about four or five times and make sure you have your adjustable shoe tree in there and make sure that it’s fully expanded lengthwise and widthwise that’s important because it needs to stretch up both ways and I’m okay so the idea behind this is I should be able to take the shoe tree out and the shoe should shouldn’t shrink too much and it shouldn’t leave its shape .

because we should have stretched it out with all of that heating right so I take the shoe tree out and I didn’t like shrink back to its original shape so uh we’re in good condition,cheap jordans, so um that’s what we’re going to do put this on the upper snap this down and um now you see we have a better fit you two we’re at the end we’ll get another restoration video for the og cherry 13 from 1998 I think these came out pretty good I think the repaint of the leather upper did the shoe a lot of justice and it looks good with that finish the reglue game was decent me shoes went from unwearable to wearable so that’s always a plus .

so I just wanted to remind y’all to get out on your thrift because you can find good shoes like these and get some decent turnarounds so here’s both fair side-by-side and no I mean stay stay on the lookout the key to drifting is consistency and these shoes aren’t my size so I can’t give y’all the on feets that I know y’all love so instead I took some little beauty shots at the pool so I’ll show y’all those next and the best part of this video is I got these for $4.99 neverforget managed to keep that on for the whole restoration process so if you liked this video make sure y’all give this a thumbs up rate comment subscribe love y’all thanks reviewing or watching a subscriber peace you

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