Long wait for bike parts unacceptable

Long wait for bike parts unacceptable

Long wait for bike parts unacceptable

It’s about economies of scale and the same applies to motorcycle tyres. Owned cruisers last 10 years as well as the XJR and have always found Yamaha at Moss St have been really good for parts mostly take 2 or 3 days for stuff like regulator, gaskets, 2002 gsxr 600 fairings sump plugs etc. Pricing is not too bad I can get most of what I want from the USA for my cruisers or the UK for my XJR but always go to my Yamaha shop first in hope. Have owned a few Boldors and a GTR 1000 found there prices a bit high and supply was always 2 or 3 weeks. 2007 cbr1000rr fairings I buy penrite oil for all my bikes and grab filters from K via the web and always have one on the shelf.

I think it varies a lot depending on the manufacturer and their policies. I had quite a few bikes over the last 40+ years and my view is:

BMW pricing seems to be worldwide so we don pay a premium on parts but can be a 2 4 week delay for some parts. 2004 yamaha r6 fairings I tried to look for cheaper prices overseas but it has never been worth it on genuine parts.

Honda Can be very slow to get parts in especially those which seem to fail regularly on some models such as electrical regulators

Yamaha Most of my bikes have been Yamaha (around 15 split over road and off road) as they seem to have an amazing ability to supply even esoteric parts for my 20+ year old bike overnight. I rewarded this by being a repeat customer. 2008 cbr1000rr fairing Pricing is ok but not as good as the world pricing for BMW. Parts can be bought cheaper overseas if you are willing to wait.

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